• Technology

Quality of the house starts with a healthy forest!

Wood, the building material that has been loved and used for generations, has been technically redesigned to meet the expectations of modern living. This is a safe and sound process that begins in renewable forests and ends in a carefully designed and built log house results in better environments for living and working. A modern log house is a truly ecological choice. It is an effective CO² sink and thus helps prevent the impacts of climate change. The entire chain from natural forests to a healthy house where generations can live is completely sustainable.

Production stages


Our innovative “warmed wall element” technology is founded by our Belarussian engineers. Building with our method is the most perspective way to construct a wooden house. It is a simple but amazingly effective way to build considering ecological and energy saving factors. Wherein being difficult to preform, since every wall element carries its spesific name in manufacturing process. As a matter of fact – it is a laminated beam house with some extra insulation.

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